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Tria Laser Hair Removal Review

Note: This is my own review of TRIA. If you want to visit the official TRIA website, click HERE.


TRIA laser review




Doyou ever catch yourself saying "wow....they really don't make'em like they used to". I can safely say that I have. It just seems like there are more sub-standard products than ever before.

I think more and more companies are out to make a quick buck, instead of actually creating a quality product. It gets to the point where you just expect to be buying a crappy product or getting scammed out of your money.

When it comes to hair removal products, WOW there is certainly no shortage of third rate products. I'm not saying there aren't a few good ones, but for the most part, you are talking about scam city.

I speak from experience on this. In my particular case, I am a particularly hairy guy. It is something that I'm very sensitive about and have been dealing with it ever since my late teens.

I have a hairy back, hairy arms, etc... Basically think of Robin Williams. What makes it worse is that I am of Italian and Spanish descent, so I have extremely dark hair, so it makes it really stand out.

It would always be embarrassing to go to the beach. I would never take my shirt off, which makes you really stick out on a beach.

I could always find temporary fixes. Shaving was a nice, quick fix and it left my skin silky smooth. The obvious problem was that the hair grew back really quickly.

Then you had products like Nair which you just apply on your body and then just wipe the hair away. It took a few days to for the hair to show. Like I said these are just temporary fixes.

Of course, the best way to permanently remove your body hair is to go to a doctor and have him perform laser hair treatments. There is one tiny problem with that: IT COSTS A FORTUNE!!

I'm sure you are already aware of this, but going to a doctor for this can run you up to 10s of thousands of dollars. It obviously depends on how much body hair you would have to remove. In my case, it would cost that much.

Being that I am not rich, this was not a valid option for me.

I knew that I wasn't alone in this. There are a lot of men with excessive body hair. I suppose this made me feel better knowing that other people were feeling the same insecurities that I was.

However, just because other people have excessive body hair, doesn't magically mean that my problem was going to go away. I was going to have to be a little more proactive about this.

I Purchased Many Hair Removal Products

Goodness knows there weren't a lack of them available on the internet. It felt like there were thousands of "revolutionary" permanent solutions to hair removal.  They were all nothing short of a waste of money.

I played the law of averages. I just assumed that if I bought enough of these products that eventually I will run into something that actually worked. Um......that didn't happen. All I did was throw more good money after bad money.

I could give you the list, but the truth is I don't even remember half of them. It was just one disappointment after another.

I couldn't tell you how frustrated I was from the whole thing. I wasn't sure if I was just buying junky products or the products themselves weren't helping me, specifically. To somebody else, they may have been really helpful.

Either way, I was still left with the same problem that I originally had.

My friend, Tim knew about how I was having a hard time finding something to help me. We talked about it because we both were having this problem. Although in his case, it wasn't as extreme as mine.

In his case, he wanted to permanently remove his chest hair, which was like the last of my problems.

We both would buy hair removal products, test them out, and report to one another if we were seeing any kind of improvement. Neither of us had anything to show for our efforts.

I was frankly ready to throw in the towel. I felt as if I had enough of wasting my money and having false hope that one of these products would actually help.

Tim, on the other hand was a lot more optimistic. He is generally a more optimistic guy than I am. He said he was going to keep trying, and let me know if he ever finds something that works.

I told him "fine, but I'm not going to get my hopes up anymore."

A Month Later

It had been about approximately a month since I gave up on the idea of looking for a way to permanently remove body hair.

To Tim's credit though, he kept on plugging along and looking for something that actually worked.

I got a call from him. He was telling me that he stumbled onto a site that was selling something called TRIA. I had never heard of it.

He was telling me to check it out. He emailed me the link and I took a look at the site.

I took a look at the site and I was really impressed with the way the product looked. I liked that they were finally brining a high quality laser hair removal product to the home.

I knew it wasn't going to be as powerful of a machine as what you would get at a doctor's office, but it was nice to see the technology finally making its way to home use.

So, it looked pretty good to me. Then I looked at the cost. Holey Moley! It cost $600.00. That's when my curiosity went down the drain. I didn't want to spend that kind of money.

So, I called Tim the next day, and I told him "I actually think it looks good, but I'm not going to spend that kind of money". He told me he had been debating it, but he was going to try it. He told me that if it didn't work for him, he could just sell it online (which was a good idea).

He bought it, and he started using it. He'd tell me about his progress, and how many times how he was using it, etc....

It had been about a few months since he had been using it, and he was telling me that he was seeing some improvement.

He told me that the hair was still showing and growing on his chest, but there were bald spots, where you can see that the hair was not growing back. Also, the hair that was that growing back was a lot lighter.

As you can imagine this got my attention, because with all the products that I bought, I had never even gotten to that point. If it did that much after such a short period of time, then who knows what it can do after a year.

I was definitely getting interested, but in the back of my mind, I just couldn't get passed the idea of "what if this doesn't work for me?"

Yes Or No: Should I Buy?

I went back to the website to look at TRIA. I saw that on the site, it had 30 day money back policy. I think it's pretty obvious that they were trying to sweeten the deal.

It made me feel a little more secure about the purchase, and they were also going to reimburse you for shipping and handling on the refund.

I'll admit that I am a cheapskate (you might have figured that out by now) so I'm always looking for what the best deal could be. I saw that they offer FREE shipping (on the slowest shipping method), so I finally caved and decided to buy it.

I couldn't wait to get it. But the bad thing was that to get FREE shipping I would be getting it on the slowest shipping service, so I knew it was going to take a little while.

But when it finally did arrive, I opened like a kid opening up a Christmas present. I opened the box and proceeded to read the instructions. It was actually pretty simple to use.

I Started My Regimen

I am kind of ashamed to say that I am not the most patient person to have ever lived. When I wanted something to work, I wanted to work RIGHT NOW!

But before I started the regimen of TRIA, I gave myself a little pep talk and forced myself to have some patience.

I started that night. I took a hot shower and I shaved my upper back and shoulders (that was going to be my test area).

I started off at the lowest power level, because that's what it recommends. I was nervous that it would it hurt. But it was painless. You feel a slight surge of heat as you push the button, but nothing that even the most sensitive person would ever feel pain from.

I wasn't expecting miracles and I didn't get any. The hair came back as fast as it normally would. No big surprise.

I waited a couple more weeks to try it again. I shaved again, and this time I moved up the power to the second level. Again, it didn't hurt and there was no discomfort.

A couple days later, I started to feel the hairs again.

Once again, I waited a another two weeks, shaved, and used TRIA again. This time I used the third level. Once again, no pain or discomfort.

YET......once again, in about 3 days, I felt the hair again. Needless to say I wasn't happy. It had been over a month, and I didn't see any improvement.

I was starting to think that I just bought a scam or I just bought something that wasn't working for me specifically. Either way I wasn't too thrilled with what was going on. But I remembered that I told myself to have patience, so I did just that.

I waited a couple more weeks again, shaved, and used the fourth level that time.  In some of the sensitive areas the heat made me grimace a little bit, but again, not really any kind of pain that anybody couldn't handle.

Well....the hairs came back.   I was becoming very disappointed, but I bought I minus well keep sticking with it.

You know the routine by now......2 weeks later, shaved, but now I put at the highest level.  It still wasn't painful.  At worst, it felt like a very light snap from a rubber band.

I felt the hairs come back. But this time, when I went to check the results in the mirror.  It was pretty obvious that there were some spots where the hair didn't come back. 

That was HUGE news to me. It gave me some hope that maybe this isn't like all the crappy products that I was buying before.

How Did It Turn Out For Me?

Well......I'm happy to say that it turned out pretty well for me.  I continued working on the test area, and after 3 months (I did it consistently every 2 weeks on the highest level) I would say that about 50% of the area has stopped growing hair.

Is it where I want to be?  No.  But, I'm light years away from where I used to be.  I am now going to move to other parts of my body and see if I can get the same kind of results.

Anyways, I just wanted to write this TRIA review to tell people that yes, there are people making quality products in the field of hair removal.

Is it a magic wand?  Will your hair stop growing after using it one time? Of course not!  If you read my story, then you know that is definitely not the case.

But if you use it as the instructions recommend you should, then you will slowly but surely start to see results. 

To purchase the TRIA laser hair removal system, you can go directly to their website.


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